Rocking with scooters – again…!

11 Mar 2015
For years, we have been diving the channels of the Lhaviyani Atoll searching for the pelagics such as sharks, eagle rays, barracudas, tunas and alike. Always around, but often elusive, these creatures are normally seen when the currents are flowing into the Atoll.  This usualy means that in order to see and experience them first hand, there is some finning against the current required to see them. Something that not all divers are keen on…

Scooter diving unlocks these doors and makes the job of managing the current a lot easier and a lot more fun!  Scooters have also opened up some of the wider channels in the Atoll, allowing us to following the pelagics into areas which were previously unheard of.  There also seems to be something that attracts the fish that much closer to us.  It’s simply awesome!!

Rosa and Josep had the pleasure of taking some of their divers out this past week for some more amazing shark action.