Ribbon Eel at Maagiri

02 Mar 2011

Two of our repeater guests, Hermann from Austria (17 times) and Carsten from Germany (4 times), went out for a morning dive to Maagiri South and came back with a great picture of a ribbon eel!

Ribbon Eels are very often seen at Nakolhu Giri,  but the one at Maagiri was very unexpected but therefore even more appreciated!

It was already close to the end of the dive when Hermann suddenly stopped and took a closer look at a very active blue creature at about 15 meters. It didn’t take long for him to immediately call the other divers around him to show them the ribbon eel he just spotted!

Luckily, Carsten had his underwater camera with him to capture this unusual encounter!

A ribbon eel is a very small moray that don’t grow longer than 120 cm in length. They typically remain hidden in small holes, with just the head sticking out. The female ribbon eels are blue with yellow around their mouth while the males are black.  Ribbon eels are all born male, and over the course of their life they change both their sex and their colour.

Thank you to Hermann for spotting this beauty for us and Carsten for taking the picture!

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