More than 20 visits to Kuredu

16 Mar 2010

As happy as we are welcoming new faces to Kuredu, we are also very pleased to welcome back the familiar faces. Especially if they have been diving with us more than 20 times…!

Both Laurie (from the UK) and Gina (from The Netherlands) have been visiting Kuredu for many years.  Laurie is now visiting for the 25th time, diving every day with his semi-closed Rebreather, while Gina is with us for the 22nd time.

Both know most of the dive sites by heart but still love to go there again and again as there is always something new to discover. Of course they have favorites such as Fushivaru Thila , where it is possible to spend hours just sitting in front of one rock and watch all the schooling fish dancing on the top of the cleaning stations. Throw in a few manta rays during the right season and the site becomes even better… Of course we are always happy about surprising our repeater guests with new dive sites that we have found since their last visit!

We wish both of you a lot of more unforgettable dives and are already looking forward to your next visit!