Manta Rays and Repeater Guests Have a Lot in Common

09 Dec 2016

The Lhaviyani Atoll in the Maldives is blessed with a large population of both manta rays and of Prodivers repeater guests! Although the mantas can be seen all year round – just like the repeater guests – the traditional time for more sightings is November when the currents usually bring in nutrient-rich waters that the mantas love to feed on. The repeater guests, although not feeding on plankton, also have a higher frequency in November.

Manta rays like to visit the cleaning stations at Fushivaru Thila, where they hover just above the large coral blocks to get cleaned. The repeater guests also love to visit the cleaning stations at Fushivaru, but we’ve never seen one hovering above the coral blocks, they are usually spotted tucked away discreetly to the sides, leaving space for the mantas to gracefully glide in.

The mantas are a very welcome sighting at our dive sites and we are always happy to see them, likewise, a very warm welcome is extended to our repeater guests, especially at this time of year when we enjoy seeing so many familiar faces.

Of course, that’s not all they have in common – they are both extremely graceful underwater!

At this time of year a lot of our repeater guests meet up with old friends and diving buddies. Friendships forged at Kuredu have lasted and strengthened through the many shared experiences on their dives together here.

Our snorkel repeater guests are not left out of the action – they have the best chances to see manta rays by snorkelling in the Fushivaru or Hurawalhi sandbank area.

We are very excited about what the repeaters will encounter this year and will keep you posted!

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