A gift of thanks from Prodivers – the repeater boat!

13 Nov 2018

We value each and every one of our guests here at Prodivers and relish in the enjoyment our divers’ experience with the underwater world they immerse themselves in. Likewise, when we see familiar faces returning to dive on Kuredu, this really means something to us and tells us that we might just be doing something right…

This year we noticed something very interesting; at the beginning of November, of all our diving repeater guests, 80% of them were enjoying at least their second or third visit with us. A truly valuable discovery to which we just had to say thank you! Last Thursday afternoon, we invited them to join us for an exclusive party boat and to enjoy a dive on Kuredu Express compliments of Prodivers. We encountered the usual suspects; eagle rays, grey reef sharks, green sea turtles, an abundance of fish life, and of course happy divers. Accompanied by our divers with their friends and families, we then enjoyed drinks and snacks on board, overlooking beautiful skies and tropical seas. What a way to end the day!

We look forward to taking you diving and snorkelling the next time you visit Kuredu and hope that our generous repeater discounts for divers will encourage you to return again and again!

Maldives Diving Repeater Guests