Congratulations Birgitta and Goetz!

09 Sep 2011

On the last day of August we were pleased to welcome Birgitta and Goetz from Singapore back to Kuredu for their second visit.

Their last trip here was more than 10 years ago and since that time, a lot of things have changed.  One of these changes includes the introduction of Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving, the fascination of “diving without bubbles”.

It was this thrill and the prospect of becoming certified CCR Divers that was their main reason for coming back to see us.  Needless to say, Armin was on hand to take them through the course.

Their one week ‘holiday’ was intensive with study, a lot of practice and the discovery of diving in a silent world…

During the first boat trip after some training dives on the house reef, Birgitta, Goetz and Armin went to The Peak. Due to a good incoming current the conditions were perfect to start at the beginning of the channel to look out for sharks. The 3 silent divers were richly rewarded and were thrilled about grey reef sharks, a school of 9 eagle rays and a sleeping black spotted stingray.

Completing the practical part of the course on a 2 Tank to Latheef and Kuredu Express, the rebreather students fully appreciated the enormous no decompression limits as they were able to enjoy the yellow soft corals and peaceful atmosphere in the deeper overhangs to the fullest.

The dive at Kuredu Express showed Brigitta and Goetz the true potential of rebreathers, with some stunning close up encounters. The highlights were the grey reef sharks, eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, turtle, huge grouper and the schooling fish.

Having already completed hundreds of dives with open circuit, Birgitta and Goetz never imagined that diving with the CCR unit would make such a big difference! The big smile they gave to Armin after the dive was enough  – no words could have expressed their feelings any better!

After finishing the theory part with the exam successfully we all were proud of welcoming Birgitta and Goetz as new divers of the silent world! Congratulation to the 2 new Rebreather Divers!

We wish Birgitta and Goetz many more memorable dives and are already looking forward to welcome both again on Kuredu!