First rebreather diver at Prodivers Lily Beach

21 Nov 2014
Dive the Maldives

Last week Prodivers Lily Beach welcomed our first rebreather diver!

As our sister dive center at Kuredu has always supported rebreather divers, it was a natural progression for rebreather divers to want to dive with Prodivers Maldives in the South Ari Atoll at some point. So, Thorsten packed up Poseidon Mark IV and headed to Lily Beach.

With Thorsten’s love of wrecks and rebreather diving, Lily Beach was an ideal chance for him to check out some local wreck dives with the team and also dive our beautiful house reef with his wife, Michaela. All whilst their children were being entertained in the Turtles Kids club.

Thorsten is an avid wreck diver and has dived many famous wrecks all over the world, including those in Truk Lagoon, Bikini Atoll and Vanuatu. He even has his own website dedicated to the wrecks that he has dived.

Feeling no pressure, we gladly showed Thorsten the two wrecks that we frequently dive here in the South Ari Atoll. The first one was the much loved and slightly shallower Kudhi Maa, which is full with playful batfish, barracudas and lots of macro life. Sometimes one can find a sleeping nurse shark, turtle or ray underneath the wreck.

The second wreck that we dived was the El Karim; like the Kudhi Maa it used to be a cargo ship, but it’s little smaller. It lies a little deeper and sits upright in the Ranveli channel. This is a slightly more challenging dive due to depth and currents, but also has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife and rich coral growth. It can surprise with large groupers or nurse sharks, an interesting white variation of sweetlips and lots of coral growth.

24 dives later, Thorsten & his family left Prodivers Lily Beach very happy indeed!