Congratulations to our new CCR diver, Wolfgang!

21 Nov 2010

After 6 days of intensive training with Prodivers instructor Armin, our repeater guest Wolfgang successfully completed the Evolution Rebreather Course and is now qualified to indulge in the fascinating world of silent and bubble-free diving.

During Daniela and Wolfgang´s last holiday on Kuredu, he was so awestuck by the Rebreather Introduction Dive that he set his mind on enrolling in the full course.

Having gained thorough knowledge on theoretical aspects of diving with a close-circuit rebreather and having mastered basic skills required for safe diving, both Wolfgang and Armin, a devoted rebreather diver himself, were ready for some real action!

Kuredu Express, a well-renowned dive site just off the island, offers divers close encounters with grey reef sharks, and taking advantage of not blowing any bubbles in the water, rebreather divers have the chance to dive both quieter and closer to the marine life.

As such, the rebreather can be underwater photographers´and videographers´best tool. Just imagine approaching sharks more closely in silence rather than accompanied by the sound of a scuba exhaust, and having extra bottom time to capture mantas and other elusive subjects!

We wish Wolfgang enjoyable and safe diving with a rebreather!

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