5 Reasons divers return to Prodivers

25 Nov 2019

There are countless extraordinary scuba diving destinations around the world, yet for many divers and snorkellers, Prodivers remains the number one choice. This is especially flattering given the large number of resorts and dive centers within the Maldives, many of which are known to be good jumping-off points for exploring the reefs. So what is it that makes Prodivers stand head and shoulders above the rest? How come such a big number of our guests return each and every year, some even twice a year, for many, many years in a row? We’ve dived deeper and compiled what we think are the top 5 reasons why divers keep returning to Prodivers.

  • The family-like atmosphere, created by the friendly, always helpful and knowledgeable team. You think you know us – well, we know you better! We’ve learned what your preferences are, we know which dive sites you like best, we know it if you don’t like currents… In other words: you are in good hands!
  • Many of our repeater guests have become good friends. It’s fantastic to see how divers who met on the islands even align their calendars and plan their next holiday together! Diving with friends is the best and it’s great to see that you’re comfortable in your buddies’ company and enjoy your time together even outside of the diving.
  • Prodivers’ generous discount scheme to thank you for your loyalty.
  • The flexibility that we’re more than willing to show, especially with regard to dive site requests and instructor preference.
  • Number and variety of dive sites and activities. Diving in the Maldives never gets boring. Even if you’ve been at a particular site a dozen times, no two dives are the same. Plus, we regularly introduce new equipment, trips, courses, and are always on the lookout for new dives sites.

It’s easy to fall in love with everything about the resorts and the dive centers and, once you get bitten by the Maldives bug, there’s no easy way to recover!

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