How You Can Help Protect the Ocean

02 Jun 2016

June 8th is World Oceans Day! The ocean is not only at the heart of everything we do at Prodivers – it is also vital to the planet as a whole. As snorkellers and divers who have the privilege to experience the beauty of the ocean first hand, we should also do our best to share our knowledge about the importance of protecting the ocean with everyone we know.

When telling stories about your once-in-a-lifetime encounters in the Maldives with your friends, please don’t forget to mention that this beauty shouldn’t be taken for granted and that we all need to act to the best of our abilities to keep this amazing environment alive.

Below are just some of the suggestions – let us know on Facebook the things that you find important!

kuredu maldives diving snorkelling


  • Take only photos – leave only bubbles:  Nearly everything natural found underwater is alive or will be used by a living creature. If you take a coral, shell or animal, you can disturb the delicate balance and add to the depletion of dive sites for future generations.
  • Protect underwater life:  Choose not to touch or chase anything underwater. Your actions may stress the animal, interrupt feeding and mating behavior or provoke aggressive behavior.
  • Don’t purchase items that exploit marine life:  Certain products contribute to the harming of fragile coral reefs and marine populations. Do not buy turtle shell jewelry, coral, shark and ray products!
  • Travel responsibly:  Never throw anything overboard, and be aware of marine life in the waters around you. Say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to whale and dolphin shows at aquariums, and only choose eco-friendly and aware dive operators. FYI: Kuredu Prodivers is 100% Aware!
  • Never stop learning:  Seize every opportunity to learn about the ocean and its inhabitants and share the knowledge with people you know. The broader our knowledge, the stronger the willingness to take measures to protect it!