Broadcasting ourselves

06 Feb 2012

Sharing is caring, and since the PD Productions is alive and kicking, you can now keep up to date with our latest movies on our YouTube Channel.

Go have a look at ProdiversMaldives YouTube Channel. We’re sure you’ll like the underwater footage that Dave’s done so far and there’s more coming soon! By subscribing to the ProdiversMaldives channel you can stay informed whenever something new is uploaded, and you can of course still follow what’s happening at Prodivers and view latest movies on the Blog and via Facebook.

Dave Kuredu Maldives

Those of you who followed us during the Boot Show already came across a series of movies that we prepared for the occassion and noticed that our videographer was super busy. If you liked them, it’s thanks to our Dave Bretherton.

If you google him, you’ll find some amazing underwater photos and video footage within a fraction of a second. His jaw-dropping photos and incredible sightings filmed at some of the world’s best diving places (plus his flawless advert starring…) caught our attention and we’re super happy to have him around!

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