New Prodivers Maldives T-Shirts Available!

07 Apr 2017

New Prodivers T-shirts are available in our shops! More stylish than ever and with a wide range of colours, there is a T-shirt for every taste.

Men’s T-shirts have print on both sides, women’s have the beautiful print on the front. The two designs are a turtle and Mr. PD – if you look closer, you will see that the images consist of a whole lot of different little marine animals.

Prodivers Maldives new T-shirts have been created in cooperation with AnnaWiktoria, the resort retailing company whose products can also be found in Kuredu’s gifts shops.

With T-shirt season knocking on your door in Europe, this is a perfect time for you to liven up your wardrobe and show our new collection to the world.

The first guests, as well as our team, already proudly wear them, so be sure to jump on the bandwagon and take your favourite style back home with you.

Available on Kuredu, Komandoo, Hurawalhi, Lily Beach and Vakarufalhi.

Prodivers Maldives