Prodivers on Discovery Channel!

25 Jun 2012

Described as an expert in locating hidden gems and as a person with the ability to hunt interesting stories, Lin Sutherland – a scuba diving instructor, photo journalist, videographer, marine adviser, film maker and adventurer – paid us a visit recently. We were more than pleased to help her prepare contents for the episode on the Maldives. We knew the time would come for Prodivers to be on the Discovery Channel!

Lin’s travel adventure series focus on sustainable tourism at appealing destinations and are aimed at presenting the importance of raising awareness and giving local communities an encouragement to preserve the environments that are of global importance. She’s explored the natural wonders of Australia,  New Zealand, Antarctica, Mexico, Papua and chose the Maldives as the next destination where tourism has a major impact on the environment. The resort management took her behind the scenes and presented her the eco-friendly measures that are being taken to minimize the print that tourism leaves on the island, and we were more than pleased to take her to our favourite dive sites and help her get the contents focusing on the value of the oceans.

Lin reminded us that travel is a luxury and can’t be taken for granted. Lessening its impact and preserving it for future generations is a must and we’re glad we had the privilege to be included in the making of Travel Wild Season 2!

Air date on Discovery Travel HD Asia: 26th June!