Showcasing the best of South Ari: Diving highlights of Vakarufalhi

05 Nov 2014
Dive the Maldives

Vakarufalhi was the first Prodivers Maldives dive center to open in the world-renowned South Ari Atoll. With the oh so many captivating reefs nearby the resort, Vakaru’s been attracting divers from all over to world to experience themselves what it’s like to be up close and personal with a whale shark, dive surrounded by manta rays, and to see some of the Maldives’ best preserved coral reefs environments.

Antonio, who’s been diving in the Maldives for more than 10 years, agreed to reveal his favourite dive sites that Prodivers Vakarufalhi is proud to be able to take you to:



Why diving on Vakaru is tops:

Diving on Vakarufalhi is astonishing! The South Ari Atoll offers the best dive sites in the whole of Maldives. The variety of choice is massive and anyone can find their perfect spot: vividly coloured thilas full of corals, cleaning and feeding stations for the manta rays, whale sharks throughout the year, three different wrecks very close to the island – plenty to see just a short distance from the resort! The majority of dive sites are just 30 minutes away from our island and this gives you the possibility to make incredible dives without spending too much time getting there. Our guests usually dive in the mornings and then enjoy other relaxation options that Vakaru offers in the afternoon. Moreover, our small diving center is able to offer a unique experience not just because of the high professionalism and kindness of the staff, but also for the mere fact that our dive groups are small and we’re able to pay full attention to your needs and preferences. The diving is customized to best match your expectations of the Maldives. If you’d like to be pampered in a familiar atmosphere where no request is too much, and where you feel you are the centre and the reason of all our efforts, Vakarufalhi might be just the perfect place for your next diving holiday!

Personal experiences:

Huh, making a selection of South Ari’s top dive sites is not an easy task! The diving here is just amazing, it astonishes you every day and every dive. In any weather conditions, in any sea condition, the underwater world here can really surprise you. I think I have seen almost everything that this beautiful ocean can offer: lemon sharks, bull sharks, ghost pipe fish, funny frog fish, huge whale sharks, bunches of eagle rays; but the creature I still adore most in the majestic manta ray! Diving with these gentle giants will be an experience of your lifetime, one to cherish forever. You can spend hours just staring at them as they are dancing in front of you, their elegant movement is similar to an underwater ballet, their delicate moves, while rolling around or just feeding themselves, create an incredible show. Being able to share this experience with people who’ve always dreamed of it, is something that every instructor wishes for. If you’ve heard stories that someone dived with 50 mantas, it must have been with Prodivers Vakarufalhi.


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Video credit: Antonio Ferraro