As seen in the movies: Diving the South Ari top spots with Prodivers Lily Beach

10 Nov 2014
Dive the Maldives

The latest addition to the Prodivers Maldives team, Lily Beach, has had high standards to live up to, given the quality of its counterparts at Kuredu, Komandoo and Vakarufalhi.

With Prodivers Lily Beach located a stone throw’s away from some of the Maldives’ diving highlights, it is easy to understand why more and more divers are choosing the resort as a jumpin-off point for exploring the South Ari Atoll.

If you’re one of them (or become one after reading this!), these are, according to Kelvin, the best diving sites, accessible from Lily Beach:

Why diving on Lily Beach is tops:

Lily Beach offers 5-star resort luxury alongside 5-star diving. People often ask us what’s special about the South Ari Atoll or even the Maldives. For us, it the abundance of fish life & corals are just simply stunning. From big to small, the South Ari has it all. Whether it’s whale sharks or mantas, frog fish or nudibranches, we have it! Also, with a smaller number of divers on the island, our international team of instructors are able to offer a unique and personal service.

Personal experiences:

Over the last 3 years of diving in the South Ari Atoll, I have only had world-class diving. The first boat trip I did was to see mantas at Hukuru Elhi Faru. I’d seen mantas before but not like this. It simply blew me away. Then in December we were blessed with 10 whale shark sighting, some times with 2 at the same time. I remember one diver and I were laughing together about having joyfully tired ourselves out after swimming with whale sharks all day. We said that should we spot yet another one, we should simply look the opposite way and not say a word! We saw a few more that day, and our deal to ignore them, didn’t last for long, we had to let our excitement out! That day I realised our efforts to study and protect these majestic and mystical creatures should be bigger. We’ve been working closely with the Maldives Whaleshark Research Project since, adding even more value to our guests and contributing our share to the conservation of whale sharks in the Maldives. As of day, we’ve identified over 200 individual whale sharks (each has a name!) and are excitedly discovering more and more about them – day by day, sighting by sighting.


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Video credit: Johanna Knight