Time to take snorkelling to another level – discover the world of Freediving

08 Oct 2017

When holidaying in the Maldives, where the sights below the surface of the ocean rival the picturesque scenes on land, snorkelling is an absolute must. Turtles, rays, sea stars, moray eels and schools of brightly coloured fish are waiting to be discovered on the reefs and in the lagoon surrounding the island.

Snorkelers tend to view the underwater world from above but snorkelling doesn’t have to stop at the surface…those longing to get a little closer to the marine life and swim amongst the fish will probably begin to dive down momentarily – the temptation of being part of the kaleidoscopic world can be difficult to resist. Diving down below the surface is the natural progression for the inquisitive snorkeler, this is where the realm of freediving comes in to play….

Introduction to Freediving (Apnea)

What is involved? The Prodivers snorkel guides teach guests who want to learn basic freediving skills the technique, safety tips and skills required to enjoy diving further below the surface. Freediving, also known as apnea or breath-hold diving is something that any snorkeler can do. This session is not a course, just an introduction to the world of freediving.

Where does it take place? Guests practice these tips and tricks first in shallower parts of the lagoon, and then push their skills to deeper depths for longer at Kuredu’s housereef shipwreck. Guests are usually amazed at what they can achieve with just one session of training together with the friendly snorkel guides.

What’s the benefit? Freediving allows guests to get closer to marine life which is especially good for photos and to investigate reefs more closely. Snorkelers who are longing to get a little closer to the fish and other marine life and want to swim amongst the fish rather than watch from above will love the freedom that freediving gives them. Although the underwater world is amazing from the snorkelers view at the surface, it’s spectacular when viewed from the fish’s perspective.

Whether seasoned snorkelers or a total novices, the friendly and helpful snorkel guides at Prodivers will be only too happy to show guests the hidden sights of the Maldives, from the surface or whilst freediving.

Give it a try: take a breath, and be amazed!