Prodivers: 1993/94

25 Feb 2013

During Prodiver’s 7th year their second operation in the Maldives opened. Vakarufalhi, a small island in the South Ari Atoll was a new resort with the potential to offer some mind blowing dives.

The Stunning reef systems and expansive hard corals in the south along with the regular sightings of whale sharks and manta rays provided the guests with an alternative to the diving on offer at Kuredu. Whilst Kuredu has always been Prodivers base of operations the satellite dive centres else where in the Maldives allow for some amazing diving and give everyone a chance to really explore this unique marine environment, where every atoll offers something different and every dive a chance to see something new.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will look to interview some of those who were there at the start over the next week or so on how life was at the start when Vakaru was just opening.