Prodivers: 1990-91

31 Dec 2012

As we move into a new year we look back at Prodivers 3rd year in 1990/1991. When Prodivers turned three it had already started to establish itself as the place to come and dive, and was making a big splash in the Maldivian diving community. With a large staff team and relaxed atmosphere our guests were able to enjoy the complete Maldivian dive experience both in and out of the water.

Throughout the years Prodivers have contributed to the hotels entertainment schedules with divers nights and special shows, and recognise that the experience for everyone (guests and staff a like) is a lot better when everyone is having fun. In order to build a great staff team management throw staff parties throughout the year (the biggest always occurring during the day of the 1st of January) as way for all the team to come together, relax and enjoy themselves. Although our primary goal here is to provide world class diving for you all, Prodivers recognise that our guests are able to get far more from their holiday when we try to make the whole experience something special, not just the time they spend in the water.