Prodivers: 1988-1989

13 Dec 2012

Last weeks video interview with Staffan has already given you an insight of what those first few months were like, 24 years ago when Prodivers first opened in 1988. With just 5 staff at the time (Staffan, his wife Tina, Ronny Olsson, Roger Edin and Ingrid Lindahl) the team had a hectic few months, arriving just 1 day ahead of the guests, and with no equipment they relied on loans form other dive centers, hard work and lot of improvisation. All through that first year as the resort started to take shape Prodivers went out learning the Atoll and the dive sites on offer.

When the resort closed at the end of the high season (it only started being open 365 days a year more recently) Prodivers had already identified 46 dive sites, all of them on virgin reef, and never dived before, the sense of adventure that both staff and guests felt when first exploring these reefs have never left them, and for many is one of their fondest memories of those early days on Kuredu and Prodivers.

The picture here shows the VIP house – now found next to the water sports center. You can see how much the water level has changed over the last 24 years due to changes in the beach.