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Kevin has been an instructor for 5 years. He discovered his love for scuba diving in South Africa where he also finished his instructor course. Since that time Kevin has lived and worked in 7 different countries, including now the Maldives. Recently Kevin also found…


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In 2018, Anna discovered her love for diving while working in Egypt. She started her professional career in the cold lakes in Germany and Austria. After that she left her Bavarian roots again to work in the Dominican Republic and Greece as a dive instructor….


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Kaouther loves working in the hospitality Industry. She strives to put a smile on every single guests face. Connecting with people from other countries and cultures is another passion of her. Cooking and handicrafts are right up there with Yoga and Medititation and when it…


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After finishing school in Germany, Dennis was ready for a new adventure abroad. Once he finished his training and gained first experience at home he joined us on Kuredu. He has a passion for deep diving and loves whale sharks.


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Fabio completed his training as a carpenter at a business school in Switzerland. He came to Kuredu to gain new experiences and impressions. He discovered his passion for the sea on his first dive in Bali in 2017. His favourite underwater creatures are orcas and…


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When she was younger and could wish for anything, she always wished to go back to Kuredu. It’s the place where she discovered her interest in scuba diving, although she always loved the water. Throughout her childhood she competed in swimming, tried scuba diving and…


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Growing up in Marseille, Rémi has always been in contact with the sea. When he first tried diving in the Philippines, he fell in love with it and ever since he will not pass up a single opportunity to go for a dive. His favourite…


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Having started scuba diving with her dad at the age of 11, the ocean has been a passion for more than half of her life. After finishing her studies in Environmental and Resource Management, she went to Mexico to pursue what has always been a…


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Previously, Julius worked as a hearing aid professional. Julius’ favourite sea creatures are Elasmobranchii and cetaceans. His Favourite Quote is “This is the Way”.


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Jurgen previously worked as an engineer in mechanics and, while traveling in 2018, he did his first dive in Thailand; since then he has been addicted to it. Most of his dives have been in the Maldives, Indonesia and Greece. His favourite animals are eagle…