Your Guide to the Most Popular PADI Courses

31 Mar 2021

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect holiday – for some it’s lazing on a sun lounger and getting the perfect tan, for others it’s all about spa days and fine dining but for scuba divers it’s mostly about trying to cram as much dive related activity into each and every day! Divers have a thirst not only for adventure and seeing the incredible marine life, but learning new things too and at Prodivers we lots of interesting courses to choose from.

For wannabe divers:

PADI Discover Scuba Diving – Learn the basic skills and have fun on some real dives with an instructor during your holiday but no classroom learning and no certification.
PADI Scuba Diver – 3 theory sessions (that can be completed online before arrival if you prefer), 3 skills practices in the lagoon and 2 dives, that’s all it takes to get a certification that enables you to dive to 12 metres with a PADI professional.
Open Water Diver – Full entry-level diving certification that enables you to dive to 18 metres with a buddy pretty much anywhere in the world. Complete the theory online if you wish and then join 5 skills sessions in shallow water and put them into practice during 4 dives – hey presto, you’re a diver!

For qualified divers:

Advanced Open Water Diver – Learn about Deep diving, underwater navigation plus 3 other areas of your choice and you’ll gain lots of experience as well as become qualified to dive to 30 metres.
Specialty Courses – Find out more about Digital Underwater Photography, diving with Nitrox, conservation or even sharks and rays – there are many options available.
Rescue Diver – A tough but rewarding course that builds confidence and is a lot of fun. Learn about dealing with all kinds of diver-related emergencies and self-rescue techniques.

For divers looking for a lifestyle change:

Divemaster – The first rung on the professional diving ladder; if you’ve always been a little envious of the life you see the dive guides leading at various holiday destinations, or want to help others enjoy this fantastic hobby, this is the next course for you.
Instructor Development Course – take the plunge and map out a whole new career and life of adventure, are you ready to turn your life upside down and choose a path more daring? One thing is guaranteed…you will not regret it and you won’t find a more supportive team to help you through it!

*Kids from as young as 10 can complete certain PADI courses