Pink Leaf Fish are awesome!

19 Jan 2013

Pink Leaf Fish are awesome. Earlier this week Prodivers were fortunate enough to spot a new pink leaf fish on Kuredu Express, which was found by Mick, one of our repeaters who was staying in room 163, he was also able to take this great picture for us! Amongst the strong currents, Gray Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Napoleans and turtles, which usually make express such an exhilarating dive site this new addition adds a little tranquility to what is otherwise adrenalin junkies dream.

We already have a number of leaf fish through out the Atoll; however most of these are of a yellow, white, green or black variety. So this new addition to the collection is rather special, and we hope we get the chance to show it you as many of you as possible on your next visit.