Pilot Whales for the New Year

08 Jan 2013

We have started 2013 in style here on Kuredu! On Saturday 5th January our afternoon boat was returning from a dive at the always stunning Kuredu Caves when one of the eagle eyed guests spotted what he thought was a pod of dolphins just outside the atoll. On closer inspection and amidst Mike’s extremely enthusiastic shouts of “WHALE!!” the divers discovered it was a pod of Pilot Whales.

Pilot whales are one of the largest species of oceanic dolphins and are only exceeded in size by Killer Whales; the pod that we saw consisted of approximately 10 whales ranging in size from 2-4m. The group spent about 45 mins observing the pod from the boat before deciding to try their luck and get into the water. It was obviously their day as they had the whole group pass by close enough to touch and got some awesome photo’s and video footage of these spectacular animals.