A Whale of A Full Day!

01 Mar 2010

A rare, but fantastic sighting of 3 pilot whales on a full day dive trip this week topped off a great day’s diving.

A couple of days ago, Yaafis and 7 guests from Kuredu headed out for a relaxing full day of diving.  After checking out Fushivaru Thila for the first dive of the day, the group then headed over to the south west corner of the atoll to the island of Dhidhoo.  Dhidhoo is a deserted island surrounded by a large sandy lagoon, and where we head for lunch as part of these full day trips.

After lunch and a spot of relaxing on the beach, the group headed off to Felivaru Outreef for the final dive of the day. Upon surfacing from the dive, the dhoni crew spotted some particularly large humps breaking the surface.
Closer inspection revealed the humps to be those of pilot whales.  Male pilot whales can reach up to 6 meters in length, weigh in at a whopping 3 tonnes and like feasting on squid.

As the cameras snapped away, Malin and Kirsten were able to take the photo above as the pilot whales’ curiosity brought them very close to the boat.

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