The IDC Diaries – Day 1

26 Apr 2010

Join us this week as we keep you up to date with the progress of our 4 IDC candidates.

The PADI Instructor Development Course is held twice a year on Kuredu, and for the first time, we would like to bring you all the highs and all the lows of what it is like to become a diving instructor!

The IDC kicked off today under beautiful blue skies and warm Maldivian sunshine.  Gone were the thunderstorms and tornadoes. Gone were the worries about ash clouds and canceled flights. The candidates arrived on the island over the weekend, and knuckled down today to begin the course.

There’s no hanging around with these courses as today, the candidates started with the EFR Instructor Course. The next 10 days will be a hard grind through the material and standards in preparation for the Instructor Exam which will take place at the end of the course.

Meet The Candidates:

PADI IDC Maldives Asia

Name: Emma

From: Sweden

Age: 19

Additional Info: Enjoys the diving in cold, cold Sweden and is a member of a dive club there, where woolly hats seem to be an essential part of every divers equipment.

PADI Instructor Course Maldives Asia

Name: Tania

From: Switzerland

Age: 41

Additional Info: Loves eating chocolate. But it can’t just be any chocolate. Tania seems to agree with most Swiss people, in that there is no better chocolate than that from Switzerland.

PADI Instructor Course Maldives Asia

Name: Lisa

From: Germany

Age: 19

Additional Info: A little bit nervous about the Instructor Course, Lisa is not to be beaten and looks like she has the determination to pass the course – “I feel best when under pressure”

PADI IDC Maldives Asia

Name: Siegi

From: Austria

Age: 47

Additional Info: Brings the Course Director apples every morning, hoping that it will encourage Ute to give him good scores during the course.  Little does Siegi know that Ute doesn’t actually like apples. Mango would probably do the trick.

Meet The PADI Course Director:

PADI Course Director Ute Frlec

Name: Ute Frlec

Ute started diving in Sri Lanka in 1991, and started working as PADI Divemaster in 1994 in Germany. After completing her Instructor Course here on Kuredu in April 1995, she continued braving the cold German waters until 1997.

Ute has been running IDCs for over 11 years, and her level of professionalism and the relaxed teaching approach she has developed has made them a hit with her students. Ute has helped more than 1,400 candidates through the PADI Instructor Development Course.

Ute is being helped throughout this IDC by husband Miha.  The tag-team duo make a pretty impressive team!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the candidates and Ute all the very best for the upcoming course. Make sure you keep checking back to keep up with their progress throughout the week.