Try Diving in the Maldives

Experience the underwater world!

If you would like to give diving a try, but don’t really know if you’re going to like it, or simply don’t want to invest a lot of time in a full course, we are pleased to offer a number of options that let you get your hair wet and experience the underwater world. Don’t leave the Maldives without seeing for yourself the amazing underwater world.

Introduction Dive

  • For those who have never tried scuba diving before!
  • Short information session with an instructor
  • Shallow dive in the lagoon to see if you enjoy the experience
  • Maximum depth 2 metres
  • Maximum 6 students per instructor
  • Continue your adventure with Discover Scuba Diving or a course

Discover Scuba Diving / Resort Dives

  • For those who want to see more, but don’t want to do a full course!
  • Develop basic scuba diving skills, max 4 students per instructor
  • 1st dive in the lagoon (maximum depth 2-3 metres)
  • 2nd dive on the house reef (maximum depth 12 metres)
  • Subsequent dives at local reefs accessible by boat (max 12m)
  • Discounted prices available for 3 or more dives!

Due to the inherent risks associated with scuba diving, all participants will need to complete a short medical questionnaire before being able to take part in the activity. Please send us a message to receive a copy of the medical statement if you believe that you might have any conditions that could prevent you from participating. A signed statement from your doctor stating that you are fit to dive is required only where medical conditions contrary to scuba diving exist.