PADI Sea Turtle Diver

Watch them take off and land at ‘Turtle Airport’!


Meet one of nature’s toughest survivors! From the moment that turtles hatch, they are faced with one of nature’s hardest survival programs. The chances of a baby turtle making it to adulthood are slim – running the gauntlet for the first few years of their life, drifting with the ocean currents. Even more incredible is the fact that female turtles ultimately navigate their way back to the island where they were born in order to lay their eggs.

Kuredu is home to a unique community of green turtles. The Sea Turtle Specialty Course is available for both divers and snorkelers alike (the divers receive a PADI Distinctive Specialty certification), and offers the chance to learn more about how turtles have adapted and evolved through their fight for survival. Learn how to identify the different species and to distinguish whether they are male and female and how they reproduce.

PADI Sea Turtle Diver course information

  • Minimum age: 10 years
  • Minimum certification: Open Water Diver/Junior OWD
  • One theory session
  • One dive to Kuredu Caves, also known as ‘Turtle Airport’ where you have the chance to meet our unique turtle community first hand!
  • Non-certification course available to snorkellers too!