PADI Maldivian Shark & Ray Diver

One for the bucket list!


Sharks have been keeping our oceans in synch for millions of years, but have now turned into the prey. Sharks populations are being destroyed around the world as the demand for shark fins and related products has exploded.

The PADI Maldivian Shark & Ray Distinctive Specialty Course was developed by Prodivers to help increase the awareness about these magnificent creatures. Prodivers is working very closely with The Shark Trust and the Manta Trust to help monitor and track populations around the Maldives.

During the course you find out more about the incredible sensory system that sharks and rays possess and learn how to identify the different species and determine their gender. Our instructors will help you understand the mating behavior and the need for us to preserve and protect the current populations of sharks and rays. What’s more, the course provides the perfect chance to see these incredible guardians of the ocean in their natural environment.

PADI Maldivian Shark & Ray Diver course information

  • Minimum age: 12 years
  • Minimum certification: Open Water Diver/Junior OWD
  • One theory session
  • One dive

The Shark Trust

The Shark Trust

The Trust is an effective and well respected advocate for shark management and protection, undertaking a range of projects, campaigns and policy work to ensure the survival of this integral apex predator of our oceans. It provides a crucial link between the public and scientific community, and strongly believes that raising public awareness about sharks is vital to their conservation.

Manta Trust

The Manta Trust was formed to co-ordinate global research and conservation efforts for these amazing animals. The Trust helps to promote and engage the general public in the wider message of marine ecosystem conservation. Manta Trust brings together a number of projects from around the globe, all aimed at the long term survival of Manta Rays and their habitat.

Manta Trust