The IDC Diaries – Day 3

30 Apr 2010

Now it’s time to start getting serious! The IDC jumped into action today with the preparation days behind them.

One of the major parts of the PADI IDC is that the candidates not only demonstrate that they have a solid understanding of the theory associated with diving, but they also learn how to teach using the PADI methods and systems.

It was really back to school time as they were introduced to the PADI system by Miha (Master Instructor # 948649).

A large portion of the IDC focusing on developing presentations that certified instructors can use when teaching, and making sure these presentations align with PADI standards.

In the afternoon, the candidates focused on how to structure these presentations and started to prepare their first set of presentations which need to be given tomorrow morning.

To take their minds off the hard work ahead, Jutta took all the members of the IDC shopping in the Prodivers shop to choose a T-shirt that will be printed with an “IDC Slogan”.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know.  But keep them clean please!