Orimas Overload – Grey Reef Sharks!

22 Mar 2010

More sharks than you can safely shake a stick at.  Orimas Thila yet again turned up the temperature and put on a dazzling display for one of our full day scuba diving boats this week.

As Mueen and his ‘Tiefenrausch‘ dive group from Berlin packed their kit bags and left Kuredu at the crack of dawn, little did he know of the surprise Orimas had in store for the first dive of the day.

As Mueen and the group of 10 divers descended onto Orimas Thila, they were greeted immediately by the first of the grey reef sharks.  But this was soon to pale into insignificance as the group made its way over the dive site.  As they reached the ledge, they were greeted with an unforgettable sight. 30 to 40 grey reef sharks were circling over one corner of the reef.  As the grey reef sharks became more curious, they started edging closer and closer to the divers.  As time wore on, the sharks didn’t lose interest and the result was a full 60 minute dive with a lot of sharks!
This week’s Last 7 Days…On Kuredu” episode captures the incredible dive and the amazing inhabitants of Orimas Thila.