Today… at Orimas Thila

26 Jan 2012

PD Productions proudly present… Orimas Thila!

While Staffan, Ray, Darren and Rosa are freezing away in Germany, we are taking the opportunity to hit the dive sites and try and showcase them as much as possible through our videographer Dave.

With movies from Kuredu Caves and Anemone Thila already online, prepare yourself for the next!

We originally wanted to keep this dive site for the end of the week, but the weather at the moment is absolutely fantastic and it would be rude not too take advantage of it!

Mike and Dave headed out to Orimas Thila, and the action packed dive can be seen below:

Don’t forget to take part in rating our dive sites.  If youre lucky enough to be on Kuredu at the moment, you have the chance of winning a free dive to whichever site receives the most ratings. If you’re at home rating via Facebook, you can win a special Boot Show DVD pack, which will include all the movies features this week.