Orchid Farewell from Komandoo

31 Jan 2010

Many people like Orchids. In fact it is the largest family of the flowering plants, with about 20.000 different species; tulips and vanilla among them. Due to the constant temperature in the Maldives of about 30 C, Orchids can survive all year round here with no need of a green house.We wanted to say goodbye to all the “audience” during this year’s edition of the Boot show with a “Sunrise on Komandoo with Orchid”. Hopefully you can come over to Komandoo soon to enjoy a dawn like this or a sunset like we saw the other day, or the beautiful underwater creatures or just to be lazy and feel the white, soft sand between your toes as you walk barefoot along the beach. Have a nice year and see you soon!!

Orchid Sunrise Komandoo Maldives

Orchid Sunrise Komandoo Maldives