Orcas on the Hunt – Rare Encounter at Jawakara!

08 Nov 2023

The Prodivers team, along with their diver guests, were treated to a spectacular sighting in the waters off Jawakara Islands Maldives this week – a pair of hunting orcas!

This once in a lifetime encounter occurred on the outer reef and continued for more than 4 hours, giving a great opportunity to capture amazing footage and really appreciate the the intricate marine ecosystem we are blessed to be able to dive every single day.

These elusive apex predators displayed breaches, ‘fluking’ (when the whale puts its tail out of the water) and pec slapping (when the whale slaps the water with its pectoral fin) while pursuing a Tiger Shark in the deep. The team have been in touch with orca experts and records show that this pair have passed through the Maldives before, in 2015 – we hope they don’t leave it so long before visiting us again!

Thank you to The amazing video is courtesy of the Jawakara Marine Science Center for the incredible video footage.