Opening Day…

21 Jan 2012

Divers, divers, divers and more divers! The ‘Boot Show’ has arrived with a bang, with the presentation of the Sea Star Underwater Bikini Model of the Year, the discovery of ‘DekoBeer’, and a stream of friendly faces and new guests.

Deko Beer Tauchen Malediven

As the day comes to a close, we would to ask you to join us this week as we take a look at some of the top dive sites that we have on offer. For the next few days, we will be showcasing some of the incredible fish life you can encounter around the Maldives. We will then be sending Dave our videographer out to specific dive sites, that we would like to ask you to rate, and help us find out which of our dive sites leaves the longest impression on our guests.

Check back tomorrow to find out which creature and dive site we are going to feature first!