Olive Ridley Turtle rescue!

01 Feb 2015

This week on a snorkel trip down south of the Lhaviyani Atoll our boat crew spotted a Turtle floating at the surface. Upon closer investigation, we found the sad case of a tired Turtle dragging along a huge fishing net that it had become entangled in, and we knew we had to do something to help.

Our guide Bianca, moved quickly and decided to help the Turtle onto the dhoni in order to cut the net lines off its fins. With the snorkelers eager to help taking photos and videos of the process and the turtle, we were able to get identification pictures and release the turtle back into the ocean.

The rescued Turtle was in fact an Olive Ridley. These Turtles are not only endangered, but spend most if their lives in the open ocean, and are rare visitors to the shallower waters of the Maldives Atolls.

Lucky enough Dr. Jillian Hudgins an expert from the Olive Ridley Project, who visited us at the beginning of December, arrived the day after the rescue. She was able to use the photos and pieces of net to do even more in depth research. Jillian also did an informational presentation regarding their work in preventing “ghost nets” from causing harm and havoc for all marine life. The presentation took place on both Kuredu and Komandoo.