Nudibranch Loves A Stingray!

15 Apr 2010

The last couple of weeks we have been doing a number of full day trips out to the Noonu Atoll.

One of the full day trips, headed by Marc, went to Christmas Rock, followed by Orimas Thila and, as chilled 3rd dive, Easa Faru.

The divers were amazed at Christmas Rock with its stunning colors. With sleeping stingrays together with a small white tip reef shark, beautiful nudibranchs, colorful soft corals and many other small creatures the dive was a hit. During the second dive, the divers were blown away by all the big fish and the grey reef sharks at Orimas Thila. On Easa Faru our divers were amazed by many different kind of corals, especially the huge table corals.

The shot of the day was taken by Mick Wilson, who was diving with us during this holiday for the 5th time. But the shot of the day wasn’t a grey reef shark…

On Christmas Rock, Mick suddenly took a closer look at one of the stingrays, where he saw a strange white blotch sticking out. This strange white blotch was in fact a beautiful “Jorunna Funebris” Nudibranch, about 4 to 5 cm long, which was crawling gently over the stingray and posing elegantly for Mick.

Thank you very much Mick for this wonderful shot!

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