New Nitrox compressor at Prodivers Lily Beach

11 Aug 2014

When at a dive center, no one wants to hear they’ve run out of tanks. Especially Nitrox tanks that enable you to get the most of your Maldives diving holiday. Good news: Prodivers never let you down!

Prodivers Lily Beach got a new compressor just recently. It’s an AirPro 15 low pressure compressor with air dryer, 3 stage filter unit and oxygen membrane module.

The membrane can deliver 700l/min and will feed our high pressure compressors so we can fill Nitrox.

A technician came from Germany to install the unit and get it up and running for us. This will now ensure that we can deliver Nitrox no matter what the demand.

This is just one of the improvements we are making at our new center at Lily Beach to ensure that we can offer our known Prodivers service. There are further improvements planned, so just keep your eyes peeled on the blog get the latest news from your favourite Maldives dive centers.