Mask, fins, snorkel, …torch – let’s go Night Snorkelling!

30 Jun 2017

If you thought snorkelling was an activity only to be undertaken during the day, think again – it’s a totally different, but totally mesmerizing experience, at night. Life on the reef changes as the light changes – the usual daytime suspects are sleeping and the nocturnal creatures are on duty.

After the sun has set our snorkel guides will take you to the Kuredu House Reef, give you a torch and show you the realms of the reef in the dark. A big school of Jack Fish hunting in the torchlight, sleeping turtles and Bumped Head Parrotfish swimming around the shipwreck are just a few of the sights.

On the way back through the lagoon is where the magic happens – your guide will ask for torches to be switched off …look underwater, wave your hands and see the breath-taking display of what looks like thousands of stars. The plankton here in Maldives shines with movement in the water, creating something so beautiful it will stay in your memory forever.

After getting out of the water the next stop is the jetty and time to get back in the water. Nurse sharks and stingrays can usually be found lying under the boats and snorkelling with them is an awesome experience.

That’s just a few of the treats in store for those donning their snorkel gear at night but there is a lot more to see. The night snorkelling activity is often cited as one of the highlights of snorkellers’ time in Kuredu, join the activity and you’ll see why!


  • Size: up to 4.5 metres long
  • Longevity: 25 to 35 years old
  • Unlike most other sharks, Nurse Sharks can stay on the sea floor and breathe by facing the flow of water in order to pump it through mouths and gills
  • Favourite daytime hangout: in caves and under coral blocks
  • Nocturnal hunters
  • Favourite food: sea snails, crustaceans and molluscs found on the sea floor, eaten by sucking them into their mouth which produces a strange and unique sound

As well as the Night Snorkelling, there are lots more activities for snorkellers to join, including the:

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Snorkellers Summer Dream Special – Join our half day snorkelling boat trip and for each full paying guest the second person will receive 50% discount*. The boat trips offer an amazing opportunity to spot turtles and lots of other marine life on the diverse reefs in the Lhaviyani Atoll. Valid from 22nd May 2017 until 31st August 2017.