Night Snorkelling with Lily Beach

20 Feb 2019

If you’ve snorkelled on the reefs of the Maldives you will be familiar with the abundance of marine life, brightly coloured fish and may have even encountered turtles and rays…but that’s just the daytime story, snorkelling a night opens up a whole new world of adventure!

If you’re looking for something new and exciting join us at Prodivers Lily Beach for a snorkel tour of the beautiful house reef by night. All that is required is a bit of snorkelling experience, a little planning and some extra gear – all of which the team can help with.

When the sun goes down the daytime reef inhabitants hide for the night and the nocturnal creatures become active. Many creatures come out from the crevices in the reef to hunt at night – you might be lucky enough to witness a moray eel swimming along the reef in search of a fish supper! There may be an octopus on the move or shrimps and lobsters outside of their usual hiding places. Night snorkelers also have a high chance of seeing black tip or white tip reef sharks – a fantastic sight, especially when the torch beam catches their eyes – they reflect the light and seem to glow in the dark, just like cats eyes.

Are you ready for a snorkel tour to remember? Our team is waiting for you…let’s go!