Prepare be enchanted by Kuredu’s night dives

27 Oct 2017

With Halloween just around the corner it’s time for all things dark and mysterious and here at Prodivers Kuredu it’s time to discover what lies below the surface of the ocean after the sun has set…will it be frightening or exhilarating?

Decide for yourself with the House Reef Night Dive and the boat Night Dive to Caves; there are lots of fascinating things to see under the surface at night on both of these unforgettable dives.

House Reef Night Dive

Most of Kuredu’s divers are already familiar with the House Reef by day, but in the hours of darkness a totally different experience unfolds. Divers who have experience of night diving can dive the House Reef at night with their buddy but why not join the guided House Reef Night Dive where the instructor can point out all the nocturnal creatures of the reef?

Sign up at the Dive Center and then meet at 18:45 to set up everything and have a briefing. Torches are an absolute must and are available to rent if divers don’t have their own. The dive is of 45 minutes duration at a maximum depth of 18 metres; most of the time will be spent at the shipwreck as there is so much going on there at night. See sleeping Napoleon Wrasse and Bump Head Parrotfish, lobsters, crabs, shrimps and nudibranchs, turtles resting on the reef and sometimes sharks passing by in the dark! The most magical part of the dive is saved until the end…while doing the safety stop the guide will ask the divers to turn off their torches and wave their arms around – all of a sudden the ocean looks like a sky full of stars. The millions of bioluminescent phytoplankton light up when agitated by movement, creating this incredible phenomenon. Whilst swimming at the surface, on the way back to the jetty, there is a possibility of catching sight of a nurse shark cruising around below in the shallows.

Night Dive to Caves by boat

Kuredu Caves is a favourite site of many divers by day and by night it has an even bigger wow factor! Home to a unique community of Green Sea Turtles, Kuredu Caves offers unrivalled opportunities to observe these popular creatures resting in the extensive network of overhangs. The overhangs themselves are covered with a carpet of blue soft corals, and are a perfect place to find lobsters, crabs, shrimps and leaf fish. As enticing and beautiful as the reef may be, don’t forget to glance into the blue occasionally – as the dive site is situated on the outreef there is always the chance of seeing big pelagics cruising by.

Whichever night dive divers choose they will be amazed by the colours – so vivid and bright compared to daylight dives – although these too can be jazzed up by taking a torch to give back the colour absorbed by the water.

Pop in to the dive center and to find out when the next guided night dive is; divers on Kuredu are set to be enchanted by the night diving spell!