5 Diving Challenges for 2021

11 Jan 2021

Scuba Diving is a fantastic hobby, the sights you see and experiences you have are often out of this world, it’s such a priviledge to be able to spend time amongst the diverse marine life of the Maldives but what next? If you’re looking for new challenges in 2021, try some of the suggestions below to improve, seek thrills or take an entirely different approach to being underwater.

1 – Take an underwater scooter for a spin – dive the channels and reef corners, cross channels with ease and make light work of currents, and the biggest thrill of all is to do all of that while surrounded by sharks and rays!

2 – Make the switch and dive with Nitrox – it’s safer since it has less nitrogen and therefore less potential for bubble formation. Another use is to extend time at depth, giving you more time to enjoy your dive while staying within no-decompression limits.

3 – Ditch the equipment – experience the freedom of free diving and see what it’s like to glide silently though the water with only one breath, as close as you’ll get to being a turtle!

4 – Be prepared – boost your diving confidence by embarking upon the Rescue Diver course where you will learn in water self-rescue techniques and become competent in helping in a wide range of underwater emergencies including rescuing your buddy should the worst happen. It’s challenging but it’s also a lot of fun.

5 – Reduce your weight – sounds like an age old New Year’s resolution but we’re talking about diving weights! Most buoyancy issues are caused by having too many weights causing a poor diving position, our Peak Performance Buoyancy course will transform not only your diving but your air consumption too, with the added bonus of protecting the fragile reefs – possibly the most valuable course you can do!