New PD T-shirt collection!

18 Aug 2011

The diverse topography of our dive sites here in the Maldives is reflected in their different names – many of the sites here are described either as a Giri, a Thila or a Kandu and we have decided to celebrate these in our new T-shirt collection.

A “Giri” ist the local (Dhivehi) word for a shallow underwater island, a “Thila” is a deeper island and a “Kandu” is a channel between two islands. The fronts of our new shirts depict ecamples of each of these different sites including an animal you might be lucky enough to find inhabiting it, and on the back is a translation in Dhivehi and a list of our dive sites of that particular type.

We have pink, black and turquoise for the girls and black, denim and charcoal for the boys… all beautifully made exclusively for us by Forth Element!