New Dive Instructor on Lily Beach: Welcome Jay!

16 Dec 2016

We are happy to introduce you to our new Dive Instructor at Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives: Zhe Ji, or also called “Jay”.

Jay, a former Taekwondo Coach, comes from Shen Yang in China and will take care of our Chinese and English speaking guests on Lily Beach.

He did his first dives in the cold waters of Da Lian, China in 2009 and decided to change his life from teaching Marshal Arts into teaching below the surface.

Jay gained experience as a dive guide and instructor in Da Lian, Zhu Hai & Qing Dao, China and on Guam Island before he joined the Prodivers Team on Lily Beach in December 2016.

His favourite animals are sharks and he is very keen on showing you some of our most common sharks in South Ari Atoll: white tip reef shark, black tip reef shark, grey reef shark and of course the giant whale shark.

We welcome Jay to our Team and we wish him and our future guests a good time on Lily Beach.