Turtle Airport or Mobula Motorway?

27 Aug 2010

Looks like we might have to rename the ‘Turtle Airport’ to the ‘Mobula Motorway’…

Kuredu Caves is very well known for its resident green turtle population.  The regular sightings of multiple turtle lead to this site receiving the nickname ‘Turtle Airport’.   Following on from a dive there a couple of days ago,  we might have to reconsider this.

Saturday morning saw our snorkel boat, led by Karol and Eva head around to Caves, and they were already blown away by the Turtles, a huge Manta Ray and 4 Eagle Rays. The icing on the cake came in the form of at least 25 to 30 Mobula Manta Rays that suddenly appeared out of the blue and passed directly past the snorkelers.

Later that morning, Eva and Celia headed to Caves as second dive of their 2 Tank.  Needless to say, the divers also picked up on the Mobula action – a great finish for a 2 Tank dive boat!

Kuredu Caves did not disappoint the next day either.  The afternoon dive boat saw the  school of Mobulas again.  This time the Mobulas spent some time passing and re-passing the divers. Michael, one of the divers on the boat managed to take the great photo above.

Hopefully the Mobula Mantas stay a while longer yet…