Merry Christmas from Prodivers Komandoo

24 Dec 2014
Maldives diving

Dear Santa,

We understand you have to travel at remarkable speeds to make those billion stops (and let’s make ourselves clear, we’re not questioning the logic of using reindeer as your primary propulsion on a worldwide tour with a massive payload).

But if you can afford to have a short layover at Komandoo, Maldives, just like in the previous years, you know where to find us.

At a balmy 28°C, without having to squeeze your fat bum sizeable frame down any chimneys, not to mention the awesome diving and snorkelling with us, we’re sure you won’t mind garnering a few hours on your flight around the globe elsewhere.

So giddy up, giddy up, it’s lovely weather for a jolly Christmas with you!

Yours truly, Prodivers Komandoo Team