Meet Fufi

31 Jul 2012

We would like to introduce you to Fufi. Fufi is a newly identified Manta Ray that was seen for the first time (ever!) by one of our Manta full day trips last week. We managed to get 4 photos, plus some excellent video footage of her which helped us to confirm that she was indeed a new individual, never seen before – anywhere by anyone!

Alex, our instructor who first captured her on film got to name her, and we hope she will be the first of many new sightings over the coming year. Each time we see a new manta the person who took the photo that we use to ID them gets to choose the name, so there one more reason to take a camera with you when joining one of the dive or snorkel trips.

The Pictures and records of all sightings (both new individuals and those we have seen before) gets fed back in to the research we are helping the Maldivian Manta Project conduct, and really is vital in helping to protect this magnificent creatures.