Mares annual distributer meeting in Vakarufalhi

18 Jul 2011

Mares distributor meeting in Vakarufalhi ProdiversThis year Mares chose Vakarufalhi island and Prodivers as the location to host their annual distributor meeting. Many of their Mares Partners and distributors from all around the world, this time from 26 different countries, came to attend the event in the warm tropical waters of the Maldives.

Prodivers has trusted Mares products in their dive centres for many years not only to sell to the divers but also using Mares diving equipment as rental equipment and therefore being the ideal location for Mares to host their event.

The goal of the distributor meeting is for Mares to introduce their latest products and innovations, discuss commercial goals and budgets and introduce their various strategies like marketing for the next season to all the participants.

All the new products and innovations will be introduced on in the upcoming weeks and then one will be able to find all the information on these products on their webpage.

But the meeting also had a fun side with all the participants exploring the dive sites around Vakarufalhi extensively. They even managed to spot a whale shark on one of their dives which was a first for many. They also had team building events with fun activities on the beach and in the water. This again highlighting the Mares slogan “Just add water”

Vakarufalhi Prodivers has a multi national team which has been expanded to be able to accommodate many of the language groups coming to the island. The resort has now moved away from an all Italian island to a multinational island promoting their resort in all major European countries. This proved to be perfect to accommodate the Mares meeting participants, which came from all around the globe.