Mantas In The Morning…

09 Jul 2010

The Kuredu House Reef threw up some additional surprises for both our divers and snorkelers this week.

Shortly after our morning snorkel boat headed out to the first site of the day, they called in to tell us about 10 Manta Rays cruising around the first coral block on the house reef, close to the lagoon.

Sightings of Mantas on the Kuredu House Reef are not uncommon, but having 10 of these beautiful creatures is something extraordinary! Of course, everybody that we then told about the Mantas leaped at the chance to swim with them!

Even our Instructor Nico, who went out for a dive on the house reef together with Anna and our 9th time repeater diver Terry, decided to have a swim with the Manta Rays before they actually went for the dive. Even after they surfaced, they couldn’t resist spending some more time with them in the water as it almost impossible to leave those stunning creatures.