Manta Trust Research Expedition

29 Jan 2022

Prodivers Maldives works very closely with Manta Trust, with Marine Biologists stationed at the Marine Centre at Hurawalhi Maldives – a must-visit place for guests who are inquisitive about life in the ocean! The resident marine biologists conduct manta ray research and join guests in search of mantas, they are also very happy to welcome guests and share their knowledge of the local marine life.

To get a wider understanding of the manta ray population on the Maldives, a team from Manta Trust recently conducted a research expedition to the northern atolls and the charity’s CEO and co-founder, Guy Stevens, shares what they did:

“The trip was a great success for the Manta Trust and presented an unprecedented opportunity to conduct an 18-day expedition with sixteen researchers in the Maldives. Highlights from the trip included surveying thirty-five manta sites, collecting 92 hours of remote camera imagery from manta sites, carrying out 53 hours of in-water surveys, identifying 28 new manta rays, conducting 20 ultrasound scans, taking 129 stereo-video photogrammetry measurements, and 3D mapping four cleaning stations. We also conducted education and outreach at six schools, reaching 335 students.”

Videos made on the expedition can be seen on the Manta Trust YouTube channel, here is the first in the series of 5:

Research is an important role for Manta Trust as it helps to understand the population, their movements, and identify important breeding and feeding sites, this information is vital in the conservation of the mantas.

If you would like to support Manta Trust in their quest for a sustainable future for the oceans where manta rays and their relatives thrive in healthy, diverse marine ecosystems, visit their website to find out more about adopting mantas, fundraising and Manta Trust merchandise.

We look forward to searching for mantas with you soon while diving and snorkelling!