Welcome Back at Fushivaru, Dear Manta Rays!

04 Nov 2016

Diving and snorkelling in Lhaviyani Atoll is special in itself, yet when manta rays start to regularly appear at the cleaning station at Fushivaru Thila, our happiness borders on mania!

In the last two weeks, our divers and snorkellers have seen from 1 to 6 individual mantas in the east of the atoll and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the majority of the atoll’s manta ray population will regularly be visiting the area to use the services of the cleaning station over the next months. These reef outcrops are venues where manta rays go to have their bodies cleaned; cleaner wrasses and shrimps remove parasites, dead skin and bacteria from the mantas’ body surface and gills, as well as from the inside of their mouth. In return, reef-dwelling critters get fed – and our guests get to admire manta rays as they hover above the reef and enjoy a beauty and well-being treatment after their bowls of plankton soup.

Feast your eyes on the movie that our repeater guest Tone kindly shared with us.

For the best viewing pleasure, you’ll have to hop on one of our diving and snorkelling manta search boats.